MGP News

First 3 Months

Greetings.  Lovely to be reporting that this year has truly started out with Artistic fireworks!  We are please to announce that the wave of Fado continues strong and powerful.  This year and next Tempest Entertainment will be backing new revelations the likes of Nathalie Pires [ see Artists] and the crown jewel of all male Fadistas, Camane.

On the Portuguese bent, we are also extremely proud to be representing Teresa Salgueiro’s solo work.  You may know  Teresa as the iconic and trademark vocalist of Madredeus.  Since  2006, Teresa has continued building her exceptional repertoire which has culminated in a distinguished new release, “O Misterio” .

All about Jazz: Each song is a beautifully crafted little masterpiece. O Misterio is a bit difficult to categorize but is all the more unique and enjoyable for it. It really shows an artist at a peak of her craft and with a vision to match.